NIA Mouse Gene Index, mm9

1178. U031707
Annotation: expressed sequence AI317395     Gene?: Yes     Source: NM_144821    Symbol:  AI317395
Chromosome: chr10   Strand: -    Start: 39721378    End: 39745074
List: Negative strand of chr10 (N=4396)

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Exon structure

GO:0008643 - carbohydrate transport
GO:0016021 - integral to membrane
GO:0003674 - molecular_function
GO:0015293 - symporter activity
GO:0055085 - transmembrane transport
GO:0016020 - membrane
GO:0005886 - plasma membrane
GO:0006814 - sodium ion transport
GO:0008150 - biological_process
GO:0006810 - transport
GO:0005575 - cellular_component
GO:0006811 - ion transport