NIA Mouse Gene Index, mm9

2050. U018789
Annotation: colony stimulating factor 1 receptor     Gene?: Yes     Source: NM_001037859    Symbol:  Csf1r
Chromosome: chr18   Strand: +    Start: 61245049    End: 61292124
List: Positive strand of chr18 (N=3118)

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Exon structure

IPR002290 - Serine/threonine protein kinase
IPR013098 - Immunoglobulin I-set
IPR013151 - Immunoglobulin
IPR011019 - KIND
IPR000719 - Protein kinase, core
IPR003599 - Immunoglobulin subtype
IPR003598 - Immunoglobulin subtype 2
IPR001245 - Tyrosine protein kinase

GO:0019221 - cytokine-mediated signaling pathway
GO:0030097 - hemopoiesis
GO:0043235 - receptor complex
GO:0070374 - positive regulation of ERK1 and ERK2 cascade
GO:0042517 - positive regulation of tyrosine phosphorylation of Stat3 protein
GO:0004672 - protein kinase activity
GO:2000249 - regulation of actin cytoskeleton reorganization
GO:0090197 - positive regulation of chemokine secretion
GO:0005515 - protein binding
GO:0005524 - ATP binding
GO:0005011 - macrophage colony-stimulating factor receptor activity
GO:0000166 - nucleotide binding
GO:0016301 - kinase activity
GO:0030335 - positive regulation of cell migration
GO:0071345 - cellular response to cytokine stimulus
GO:0019955 - cytokine binding
GO:0046488 - phosphatidylinositol metabolic process
GO:0016021 - integral to membrane
GO:0048015 - phosphatidylinositol-mediated signaling
GO:0016020 - membrane
GO:0071902 - positive regulation of protein serine/threonine kinase activity
GO:0016772 - transferase activity, transferring phosphorus-containing groups
GO:0016740 - transferase activity
GO:0046777 - protein autophosphorylation
GO:0061098 - positive regulation of protein tyrosine kinase activity
GO:0008283 - cell proliferation
GO:0006468 - protein phosphorylation
GO:0045217 - cell-cell junction maintenance
GO:0018108 - peptidyl-tyrosine phosphorylation
GO:0009986 - cell surface
GO:0045672 - positive regulation of osteoclast differentiation
GO:0016310 - phosphorylation
GO:0036006 - cellular response to macrophage colony-stimulating factor stimulus
GO:0031529 - ruffle organization
GO:0004714 - transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase activity
GO:0045124 - regulation of bone resorption
GO:0004713 - protein tyrosine kinase activity
GO:0042803 - protein homodimerization activity
GO:0008284 - positive regulation of cell proliferation
GO:0008360 - regulation of cell shape
GO:0005886 - plasma membrane
GO:0007169 - transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase signaling pathway
GO:0030316 - osteoclast differentiation
GO:0001934 - positive regulation of protein phosphorylation
GO:2000147 - positive regulation of cell motility
GO:0004872 - receptor activity